Caplyn Dor :
Massurrealism of the 21st Century


Caplyn Dor (Born Buffalo, NY USA) works by combining Art, Science and Technology. She began exhibiting her works in NYC in 1989 and has had extensive Solo and Group Exhibitions throughout the United States and Internationally. Among her exhibits include the Albright-Knox Museum in Buffalo, New York and the Cork Gallery at Avery Fisher Hall in New York City. Dor is a member of the well known R2001 International Artist Group and has received the 1997 (Gold) International C.A.P.I. (Computer, Animation, Photography, Illustration) Award from the Motion Picture Industry among others. Her works are in the collection of Jim Kelly, former Buffalo Bills Quarterback/ ESPN commentator and Comedian/ Entertainer, John Valby as well as throughout the United States, Canada and Hawaii.

"My intentions are to not abandon traditional methods, but rather to open my mind in other ways of assisting me in my thought process as well as my final creation. My formulation of ideas reaching new realms will be conceived through the use of traditional as well as digital technology. My earlier paintings were primarily oil and acrylic on canvas which are metaphysically and geometrically surreal. The underlying nature of thought combined with elements such as architecture, astronomy, mathematical fractals and science as well as elements of the past and subconscious form the basis of my work. As I've ventured into graphics, my latest are not only a combination of the mentioned elements but they engage the use of digital technology as well. This technology allows me the opportunity to visualize and then materialize these images in such a way that was never before possible. By utilizing the new digital graphics tools of today and combining this with a series of mental images and ideas, I can now conceptualize in a more "dimensional" way. Instead of using the sketchbook alone as a tool, I now have the option of using the computer to process my ideas.. By creating on the "screen" and then printing out the image; I can refer to this process as a form of "computer sketch" which can either remain finalized in this digital form, or I can refer to this image by taking it further and painting it on other media.

The inner depth and symbolism of Surrealism has always been a passion of mine. My background as a blood laboratory technician has been instrumental in shaping the direction of my paintings and graphics in a scientific vein as well as an atomic level. By combining scientific elements and mathematical symbolism into a sector of my work, as well as dream imagery suddenly, each piece takes on a life form similar to a nucleus. During the past several years I have also been a part of the Massurrealism movement. This encompasses the use of modern day tools reflective of 21st Century technology combined with techniques of the past and creativity that is inherent to me as an artist to form something distinguished as a part of the era that we live in today. Art should be boundless, holding mysteries within the very core of it, yet the tools used of the current day do reflect a metamorphosis and progression that extend beyond any past art form that we are familiar with by extending boundaries of the already known and familiar art forms. This should lift the viewer to a level past a known and recognized comfort, and into one that transcends into a reality unlike that of the familiar. Surrealism and extensions of it such as the Massurreal should always challenge both artist and viewer in an eternal quest for horizons so unique as to lift the spirit within each one of us. The beauty of all art is the mystery contained within its content as well as the evolutionary processes that allow the artist to push the limits.•