Fernando Vera :
Harmonious Grouping


Digital & Mixed media. Fernando Vera, Distrito Federal, Mexico City. Español text - aqui

My paintings and images are a form of involuntary expression of the subconscious mind and therefore a great artistic career is not necessary to give shape to my thoughts. My experience with art began when visualizing a painting of Salvador Dali the painter by whom I have been greatly influenced.I began experimenting with watercolor and later with acrylic painting, shaping images of solitude and spiritual deterioration that reflected my emotional state. After transcending that stage, I began to look for new ways of expression and by chance I got a job as agraphic designer, which allowed me the opportunity to combine "traditional art" with the new computer graphic technologies (2 no. Ironico Desert), without losing the style that I was accustomed to, I later worked toward combining symbols that gave a visual shock or incongruency (Revolucion and black doesn't exist). At this point I look for a harmony between the real or natural object and a sence of irony, although I do not leave to a side the brush yel small horse. Massurrealism is for me the harmony of grouping and a critique of that which occurs in our audio-visual life. On the contrary, globophiles are their own worse enemy, ABSORBED IN CONSUMPTION, but the brand of tennis shoes that they wear, the designer clothes, the way they communicate;Internet, cellphones, it is clear that we cannot avoid to allude to Capitalism and globalization, it is part of our techno-sociological development as human beings. •