Chip Simons : Massurreal Art Photos
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Chip Simons was introduced to photography in high school in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Following studies in art and photography at Kutztown University he moved to Albuquerque and continued studies at the University of New Mexico. Chip moved to New York City to pursue commercial and personal projects. His first major series of work, 'I Am A Dog', was published in Andy Warhol's 'Interview' magazine. Chip's unique style propelled him to the front of his field. His use of vivid color, wide-angle lenses and innovative lighting techniques coupled to form a signature style. An artist with a prolific repertory of ideas, Chip's images never cease to push his equipment and his vision to the edge. His approach consists of using various subject matter in his photographs and coalescing them digitally in a manner that has influenced many other photographers who have since followed in similar technique. His work has won numerous awards by publishers and is part of several permanent corporate collections. He is a popular speaker with photo groups across the US and internationally. His work has been featured by many photographic publications including Communication Arts, Hasselblad Forum, American Photo, Popular Photography, Photo District News and recently in the Times Journal of Photography (India), '2Twice' and STEP Inside Design. He is sponsored by several photo equipment manufacturers, including Hasselblad, Imacon, Mamiya and Nikon. He has been recognized by Nikon as part of both their 'Legends' and 'Masters' series. He currently lives and works near Albuquerque, New Mexico.