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Massurrealism's Relevancy (abridged summary)
reprinted from Art Media Journal

Synopsis : Massurrealism It's implication to the modern world (abridged )

"The varying methods behind massurrealism lends themselves to different creative displaying and viewing formats. In the example of digitally based works, almost everyone is equipped with the technology needed to experience this form of stimulating art. This is where the idea of Internet museums and interactive art exhibitions comes from."

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English : Massurrealism's Relevancy click here (5.5 MB)
Deutsch : Die Relevanz des Massurrealismus - Klicken Sie Bitte hier (5.5 MB)
Français : De la pertinence du massurréalisme - click here (5.5 MB)
Español : La Relevancia del Massurrealismo - clic aqui (5.5 MB)
Português : Relevância do Massurrealismo clic aqui (5.5 MB)

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