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Publications (partial list) :

Massurrealism: A Dossier - writings and conversations on the massurrealist art genre
Edited by Sean Lantzen. English and German / 2004 / Novus Haus / ISBN: 0975992309
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Happy Shopping - Massurrealist Spam Poetry
by Cecil Touchon. English / 2007 / Ontological Museum Publications / ISBN: 0615182445
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El Sueño del Bandoneón y otros ensayos sobre massurrealismo
by Sergio Spinelli. Spanish / 2012 / ISBN: 9789872352318 Ediciones SCS (Ediciones Solo Con Sentido - Buenos Aires, Argentina)


Other Publications / Articles (partial list) :

"What is new In The Surreal World" / Art And Antiques, (USA) March 2006.

"The Inevitability Of Massurrealism" From the printed edition of Wegway, (Canada) November, 2004. click here

"Avant Garde Under Net Conditions" / From the printed edition of the Perspektive, (Austria) June 2002. German text only. click here

"Massurrealism Yields New Unique Vision" / Computer Artist magazine, (USA) August/September 1996.