Marketta Leino
Massurrealism And Massmedia

March, 1996

Digital image, done with various "warping" effects. This excerpt was originally written in Finnish and translated by the author. click here to read the original Finnish text. Marketta Leino (b.1957 in Mikkeli, Finland)

One could say there is no art like media art and no surrealism like massurrealism. Media art investigates art with all its objects by the means of massmedia. Massurrealism, being a part of both express the results in the form of surrealism created by massmedia art. Introduced in the world wide web by the Internet, massurrealism is a direction of web art which is playing a very new and important role in the modern art world. As a part of new media art, massurrealism is based on the developement of hi-tech with the evolution of man. modern technology gives the possibilities for a new artistic language and the ever-changing role of man an interesting object to view the target through the lens of multimedia. One could ask what is the role of man through modern multimedia, anyway? Could it be possible we are lost regardless all the knowledge we have picked up through the decades? Oh no, we are not lost. We are only just beginning to understand the new role of man in the universe. The means of art are expanding with us. To express ourselves more specificly we certainly also need new specific means of art. Massurrealism is one of these elements.•